Monthly Archives: March 2012

Os Gêmeos – Prism Show

These twin brothers from São Paulo are rad.  They work together and organically create engaging, surreal work that immerses an audience… or in this case a chicken.

Chicken doesn’t like to leave droppings in galleries, though, but parking meters are fair game…


Up with Morley

Chicken digs Morley.

Morley puts up clever and light-hearted, but thought-provoking posters around town that make you take notice, think outside of the box, and hopefully not crash your car while getting lost in thought and driving at the same time.  Fortunately for me, I don’t drive (can’t. no opposable thumbs).

To quote Morley’s own website, he is “a friendly voice amongst the cacophony of billboarded messages and corporate slogans.”  Whereas I myself am just a voice…  Is it not enough that I’m a talking chicken, I have to be thought-provoking, too?!

Up with Retna

Retna is badass.

Chicken gets lost in thought staring at Retna’s work, what it all means, and comprehending things greater than himself.  Chicken really doesn’t like to think about things greater than himself.  It puts a lot of pressure on Chicken and his therapist says he should avoid such pressures.  Chicken prefers to focus on simpler things like pie; apple, cherry, key lime… Yeah, Chicken likes pie.  What were we talking about again?

Up with JR on 3rd St


Wrinkles of the City project in LA.  As if people weren’t imposing enough already to a frail chicken like myself, JR goes and flyposts enormous, original black-and-white images over buildings across town.  Trust me, nothing is scarier than waking up next to what you thought was an ordinary building only to be caught in the eyeline of a now 50-foot woman.

JR was once (mis)quoted as saying the street is the largest art gallery in the world.  Well, JR, I live in said art gallery and some of us are trying to sleep.  Please keep the noise down.  Thank you.

Up with JR on Beverly


Wrinkles of the City project.  Massive scale, genuine black-and-white photographs blended within the cityscape that make each building come alive with intimacy, heart, and soul.  Either that, or that guy has a really big head and he’s been waiting for the bus a very long time.

JR won the TED Award.  I once met someone named Ted.